Shawl Pin: 3 Little Birds in Sunset

Shawl Pin: 3 Little Birds in Sunset

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Symbolizing optimism, peace, and friendship, this pin was originally created with three blue opal stones which reminded my of beautiful robin eggs.  Every little thing is going to be alright!

Also known as Larvikite, this beautiful jewelry-grade blue labradorite has a grey/black background with a chatoyant grey-blue flash.  Pictures just don’t do it justice!

Earrings are not available.

A pin for all seasons – adorn your sweater in Spring, a shawl in Summer, your favorite scarf in Fall, and a cozy hat in Winter.  So light, you won’t even know you are wearing it, but everyone else will notice.  It adds distinction to a shawl or scarf, and can also be attached to a hat or other accessory as long as it has an open weave.

Each unique pin is hand formed from aluminum and hammered for a beautiful texture.  Aluminum is a wonderful metal as it is lightweight and won’t tarnish.

Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, no two pieces of MAB Elements are exactly alike.  Each piece is carefully made by hand, taking into consideration the distinctive colors and shapes of the individual stones.  Your unique work of art will not be identical to the one pictured, but will be the same design and approximately the same size.

Intended to be worn on knit or crochet item (This can’t be used for close knit weaves (cotton or very tight knits) that won’t let the metal through, only for crochet or knit items.)

Handmade in USA

Approximately 2.25 inches in diameter.